WATCHU – The GPS Tracking Smart Watch for Kids (Bubblegum Blue)

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Watchu Is A US Company Who Have Designed The Next Generation GPS Tracking Watch For Children

Safety for children is a vital concern and we all want to protect them during the KEY years of development. When setting out to develop the WATCHU GPS Smart Watch for Kids, we placed these concerns at the forefront of our design. We want our products to give caregivers peace of mind and reassurance that the child is safe and will be able to relay and react to any potential threats.

With the WATCHU app, caregivers may track where the child is and where they are going at any given time. With the ability to set up geo-zones, caregivers are informed instantly if the child has veered out of a safe space. In case of an emergency, the child may hold a button and a warning is sent to the caregiver's smartphone.

The WATCHU GPS Smart Phone for Kids also allows two-way voice communication between caregiver and child for true instantaneous communication between caregiver and child. Caregivers concerned about their child's health and physical activity have the ability to monitor it with a built-in pedometer. Record steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled directly to the app. The ability to partner watches together allows close friends or siblings to communicate with each other through their watches. Children can be grouped together in the WATCHU app, so entire families and friendship groups are safely monitored. Complimented by a variety of colorful designs, every component on board has been miniaturized to ensure an optimally comfortable fit and feel that kids simply love to wear.

A Basic Prepaid 2G Sim with voice and data mobile phone service is required for the watch to operate – DOES NOT work with 'Pay As You Go' plans or CDMA sims – DOES NOT Support "Wearable"sim.

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