TIGER Smartwatch Stainless Steel Silver with Touch Screen for Android/IOS, with Microphone and Speaker

Follow your desire. Make an impression. Don't miss the beat. Stay connected and stay on the move with the TIGER smartWATCH. Featuring a built-in microphone and speakers, the TIGER smartWATCH connects to your smartphone and gives you up-to-the-minute notifications, messaging functionality, and more; all while tracking your physical activity and heart rate. The TIGER smartWATCH keeps your health in mind with an optical heart rate sensor and the TIGER smartAPP which tracks the progress of your daily fitness goals. The brilliant Selfie Function turns the smartWATCH into a remote control for your smartphone's camera so you can capture awesome shots simply by pressing the shutter button on the clock. Stick to all sporting activities without worry because the smartWATCH is conveniently water and dustproof to IP66. The watch has a 1.22 inch capacitive IPS touch screen and uses a 300mAh battery with a lifetime up to 3 days. Improve your life today with the TIGER smartWATCH.